Our Approach and Experience

A leader in the vending machine business for over 50 years, the BMC reputation has been built on innovation and quality.

BMC Universal Technologies is a Canadian, family-owned company. It has acquired a clear engineering advantage with the distinct ability to anticipate and design the ultimate marketing and retail machine of the future, to better serve today’s customer needs. With over five decades of experience in the manufacturing sector, BMC Universal Technologies’ approach to design combines tried and proven market analysis, product development, testing, over-engineering, durability, and planned longevity of products for maximum return on investment. As leaders in the industry, BMC Universal Technologies seamlessly integrates digital technology with traditional manufacturing and engineering, and demonstrates it through unparalleled product design and the use of intelligent technology solutions.

What Makes Us Different

BMC Universal Technologies is committed to innovative, reliable design and engineering.

An unmistakable passion for form and function is evident at BMC, but it isn’t to be trumped by the team’s penchant for high-level trends in technical development and understanding of evolving digital technology.

While other companies are satisfied with primitive or bulky equipment, BMC Universal Technologies unites design and function to bring sleek and elegant equipment with a distinct look to the market. BMC is designing and manufacturing the vending machine of the future. The company brings a dynamic set of skills to the table including manufacturing design, automation and the engineering required to bring one-of-a-kind projects to life. Pairing this with HD digital media advertising and the knowledge of what brands genuinely require to succeed, BMC Universal Technologies provides the next-generation of product dispensing solutions that collect the data and analytics needed to understand audiences and thrive in today’s market.

BMC Universal Technologies harnesses cutting-edge digital technology which remains unexplored in the world of automation and advertising and is unrivaled by competitors in the industry. With the support of a team that has designed product dispensing equipment for over 50 years, BMC Universal Technologies prides itself on the quality of every product that leaves its Canadian manufacturing facility. The components used to build each BMC Media-Kiosk are designed to be durable and efficient, while withstanding everyday wear and tear and providing years of trouble-free service.

BMC Universal Technologies thrives on exploring new horizons in the world of digital innovation. The BMC Media-Kiosk is the by-product of this dedication and the unit’s versatility will revolutionize the consumer retail market and the brand experience.

What People are Saying

In case studies and interviews with first-time users of the BMC Media-Kiosk, the overwhelming response to the technology was excitement and fascination. Much like the introduction of smart phones, the technology and the features built into BMC Universal Technologies’ products are so advanced, the market has yet to realize they need them — until now.

Feedback on the features and the engineering marvels of the Kiosk indicate that people, businesses, and the media are eager to engage with the technology operating the Media-Kiosk and find a way to participate. When monitoring people’s responses to the unit, it was clear that users were delighted and mesmerized by the intelligent features and functions of the Kiosk. Several individuals said that they loved the transparency the Kiosk provided as they watched the automated system dispense their desired product. Overall, customers enjoyed the refreshing experience and agreed they had never had such a fully-engaged experience with auto-dispensing equipment.

Beyond the elegant design, and the Kiosk’s ability to garner the attention of the public, corporate brands are excited by the data collected by the unit, noting it will change the way they market products. Businesses expressed amazement with the machine’s market analysis capabilities and advanced digital technology such as facial recognition and age demographic analysis.

How does someone know what they want if they haven’t even seen it yet?

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