What is the BMC Media-Kiosk?

The BMC Media-Kiosk is a strikingly sculptured retail appliance that provides a memorable interactive buying experience for the consumer, by giving them choices of multiple products that can be blended into a single sealed bag, while simultaneously in the background capturing critical consumer data. The Media-Kiosk encompasses the latest technology that allows for remote handling of product management and fulfillment, as well as managing your digital advertising and branding requirements. It is a radical blend between automated dispensing and HD digital advertising.

Who is BMC Universal Technologies?

The innovative team that owns and manages BMC Universal Technologies has designed and manufactured product-dispensing equipment for more than 50 years, under parent company Beaver Machine Corporation, giving the Canadian company the longevity and experience lacking by many industry competitors. Founded by Josef Schwarzli in 1963, the company is now managed by Bernie Schwarzli, Robert Schwarzli, and Heidi Schwarzli.

What makes the BMC Media-Kiosk unique?

The BMC Media-Kiosk was designed to create the ultimate consumer retail experience. For the investor, the BMC Media-Kiosk captures two distinct revenue streams and in the process, blends the science of strategic brand building with the art of marketing and advertising.

The interactive, promotional Media-Kiosk captivates attention, gathers onsite consumer data instantly and delivers a previously untapped brand experience. It engages with customer emotions and helps brands grow market share in ways that have never been explored in the past. It’s the ultimate retail machine that sets the benchmark with digital adaptability and innovative, reliable design and engineering.

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