Leaders in the Vending Industry

Renowned as leaders in the vending industry, Canadian–based technology company BMC Universal Technologies proudly manufactures a Media-Kiosk that effortlessly combines the profitability of auto-dispensing with the impressive power of HD digital media advertising.

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A lifetime of experience

The innovative team managing and supporting BMC-UT has designed and manufactured product dispensing equipment for over 50 years, giving the company the longevity and experience often lacking by competitors in the industry.

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Four Key Functions

It’s the product-dispensing machine of the future with digital adaptability and imagination at its core.

The BMC Media-Kiosk is a unique and revolutionary machine designed to be the ultimate branding and direct marketing tool for public spaces.

The Media-Kiosk integrates four key functions for businesses such as yours:

Product Distribution

Distribute your products in a whole new way… Direct to your customers! Allow your consumers to mix and match up to eight differentitems; every person makes their own custom, perfect-for-them mix!


Brand Marketing and Advertising

You will have the ultimate control over product placement and advertising of your products and advertising; and therefore, your brand. Allow yourconsumers to experience your brand while they are enjoying making theirs elections and watching it being dispensed.


Consumer Demographics

Understand who thecustomer is with consumer segmentation and patterns of purchase. The information obtainedby the Media-Kiosk captures anonymous data on: age, gender(male/female), mood and attention span. You can create a responsive shopping experience to foster ongoing brand loyalty, test new product lines or gather key demographic information.


Remote Management and Data

Pull analytics and sales data into one convenient central place from all of your Media-Kiosks on the network,anywhere around the world.


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