Our Technology

Are you looking for a new way to showcase and build your brand or an innovative way to launch a new product? Seeking new and innovative ways of penetrating distribution markets? Are you looking for robust consumer data to direct your marketing efforts? Are you ready to capitalize on the power of digital advertising? If so, the BMC Media-Kiosk is the solution for you.

Inject the imagination back into the brand experience with the BMC Media-Kiosk.

Break the mold of a traditional brand experience and enjoy the sophisticated and wireless world of HD digital advertising and auto-dispensing in a single, dual revenue stream system. Embrace a new world of brand marketing and dispensing technology that caters to a variety of unique product distribution needs and provides an intelligent, analytic-based and dynamic way of doing business.

Welcome to the BMC Media-Kiosk. Take a closer look at the technology and special functions behind the equipment that makes the unit as easy to maintain as it is to use! Our products are designed with intuitive simplicity for our customer’s success.

Capabilities of the BMC Media-Kiosk:

Create Endless Combinations
  • Ability to mix and match product
  • Multiple products in different forms can be dispensed (i.e. cosmetics)
Easy Servicing
  • Full access to Kiosk for easy servicing (open access on all 4 sides)
  • Easy-to-remove bin with no wiring harness
  • Replaceable exterior panels
  • Industrial grade components
  • Casters for easy moving, internally adjustable legs for location setup
  • Easy to transport with protective factory packing and smooth exterior
  • Beaver IP remote management of machine
  • Maintenance-free internal components
  • Dispensing chute safety sensor to ensure that customers are not injured if they try to reach up into the chute
  • Open door alarm sensor to alert head office when machine is opened as well as internal safety sensors for protection of service staff when working inside the machine
  • Ability to remotely update software
  • Smudge free, quick-dry ink from patented printer system to print product selection information on your bags
  • BMC back software maintenance program available
  • Automatic email warning when bags or products get low
  • Smart bin knows its sequence location
Structural Components
  • Modular internal design for ease of maintenance and service
  • Hidden lock for added security against vandals
  • Separate high security lock system and separate cash vault with additional security alarm which can notify head office of access via cell if triggered
  • Solid sub-frame technology for maximum rigidity and durability
  • Steel frame, exterior, reinforcing panels, and UL rated, high impact Lexan/polycarbonate windows for shatterproof protection and durability
  • 35 lbs of product capacity (approximately) per bin
  • Reliable stepper motors for longevity
  • Industrial-grade, high-quality components
  • Safety chute for user safety
  • Soft dispense cycle for damage free product vending
  • Industrial-grade electrical panel with multiple safety devices
  • End panel advertising package
  • Extra product storage
  • GFI cable for safety
  • 8 product bins
  • Extra coin overflow container
  • Vault security sensor
  • Ability to advertise/brand in both digital and machine image (custom exteriors available)
Technical Specifications
  • Web connectivity to every machine
  • Custom built application specific PC
  • Single 120/60hz standard power outlet for use on any 15 amp circuit (standard outlet)
  • 65” 240hz Rear Samsung LED monitor for maximum ad space segment versatility
  • 42” interactive front touch screen
  • UPS power backup
  • Big 30×38” window for viewing product bagging live
  • Approximate bag capacity in hopper is 1500
  • Programmable interior LEDs (holiday themes in red and green, Halloween theme in black and orange, etc.)
  • In the event of a power failure, machine will finish vend on battery backup and will then power down and later restart
  • Cell connected
  • Cash, debit, credit, coin, tap-and-go payment processing through a secure certified encrypted third-party credit card processor
  • Easy year-end accounting
Advanced Regulatory Abilities
  • Climate controlled to keep product fresh
  • Certified by QPS to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Underwriter Laboratory (UL) standards
  • Clean tear bags
  • Sealed, air tight bag
  • Freshness of product due to sealed bag
  • Recyclable “green” bag
  • Spill-proof roof to prevent liquids from entering through top of cabinet
  • Machine is green as it powers down at night to save energy
  • Nutritional facts and ingredients of purchased product is printed on the bag of the dispensed product
  • Patented dispensing system using sealed bags ensures that unwrapped bulk product is dispensed contamination and cross-contamination free, providing strict adherence to handling methods and cross-contamination prevention procedures
Analytics and Data Gathering about customers through
  • Anonymous facial recognition
  • Age demographic
  • Front optional cameras for demographic analysis
  • Coupon printing
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