Remote Administration Tool

The Kiosk will be connected remotely to allow the flexibility and convenience of monitoring the unit from anywhere in the world. There will be a monthly charge for the hosting management software required to support the BMC Media-Kiosk.

The unit will actively monitor: Sales The unit will monitor your monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly sales. This will allow you to remotely determine what products are selling well and what products are not. Bin levels Through the use of sensor technology, the machine detects how much product is in each bin. This information is not only available when it’s empty, but at any point in time via the remote administration panel. Additionally, warnings and notifications are triggered when the product is low and empty. Bag levels Using sensor technology, the machine senses how many bags are left in the hopper and will alert you when getting low on bags. Additional notification when you have run out of bags. Error Warnings Through the integrated sensor network, the machine will automatically notify you with the identified problem if there has been a failure of a component, or the entire unit. Upload of digital media content Through the use of a scheduling video player, the media content can be uploaded and controlled via the remote administrative website. Remote administrative functions Via the remote admin website, one can add new product information to the machine, edit existing products, edit print content, etc. Reporting functionality The unit has multiple financial reporting features to assist with financial managing of your machines. Some of these features that are exportable to Excel/CSV include:
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and year to date sales
  • Breakdown of sales by region
  • Breakdown on payment type (cash, credit, etc)
  • Revenue by product
  • Revenue per machine or by network
  • Breakdown of sales by time of day to determine your busy points
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Ad Management Program for Both Digital and NFC

Ads can be managed by the owner or alternatively, a contract with BMC Universal Technologies can be established for advertisement management per Kiosk, per location.


Monthly revenue generated from digital media content for Kiosk owner will vary per location as some locales will be worth more than others.

*Additional fees would apply.

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Consumer Analytics

Generate and provide consumer and customer-based marketing analysis data. A monthly charge will be incurred.

The consumer analytics will gather and obtain data on:
  • Demographics such as gender and age
  • Emotional response to the GUI and the overall kiosk experience
  • Attention span of customers
  • Track customer purchase history
  • Analyze customer shopping patterns
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Technical Support & Software Maintenance

Ongoing tech support and software maintenance throughout the lifespan of the BMC Media-Kiosk.


Once your initial included support period is complete, for a modest monthly fee the team at BMC Universal Technologies will happily assist with all of your technical and software-related concerns and issues.  

Struggling to figure out how to open a Kiosk door? No problem – we’re here to guide you through the steps.


Want to keep your Kiosk up-to-date with the newest software upgrades – the ones that fix any unexpected issues, or are just really cool additions? No problem! We can do this remotely without having to visit the Kiosk on location.We’re here to help and will push any required updates as soon as humanly possible.


Did something occur that’s affecting the software function and your screen is suggesting you contact us? We can log in remotely, fix it and remove that message from your screen.


If you are questioning the value and the responsiveness of this service, we can assure you that it’s worth the investment for peace of mind. Our mission is to create a rewarding experience with the use of the BMC Media-Kiosk.

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Custom Touch Screen Software Branding

This service offers a company branded customer experience and provides a custom design of the touchscreen user-interface that is used for all consumer interaction with the machine. A one-time fee will apply.

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