Our Technology

Are you looking for a new way to showcase and build your brand or an innovative way to launch a new product? Seeking new and innovative ways of penetrating distribution markets? Are you looking for robust consumer data to direct your marketing efforts? Are you ready to capitalize on the power of digital advertising? If so, ACE is the solution for you.

Inject the imagination back into the brand experience with the ACE.

ACE is the only completely automated cannabis vending kiosk on the market — and the first to compliantly package and dispense cannabis products from end to end.

A game-changing way for consumers to purchase cannabis, ACE simplifies the shopping experience. With a massive observation window and intuitive touchscreen interface, ACE engages shoppers in a cannabis shopping experience unlike any they’ve ever encountered. Developed in partnership with Terrapin Care Station, the unattended cannabis retail solution provides unique benefits to consumers and dispensaries alike.

Minimized In-store Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Concerns

ACE can be programmed in multiple languages, improving inclusion and serving customers in diverse urban markets better.

Improved Sales Approach

ACE augments budtenders and frees them to take more time to support shoppers seeking deeper consultation. Plus, the solution never forgets to mention promotions and doesn’t call in sick or show up late on inclement weather days.

Enhanced Age Verification — with No Human in the Loop

ACE leverages advanced ID-scanning and age verification technology to ensure that only those eligible to purchase cannabis are doing so.

Faster Checkouts for “Regulars”

ACE automates and simplifies the buying process for customers who don’t require an elevated level of engagement and expertise.

ACE Specifications

Capable of holding up to 1,152 premium cannabis products and interacting with shoppers in multiple languages, the state-of-the-art digital cannabis retail solution simplifies the buying process, enhances the in-store sales approach, improves inclusion and verifies a shopper’s identity — all with no human assistance.
  • 33”D x 90”W x 76”H: 2,000 lbs.
  • ACE holds up to 1,152 products, depending on the size of product packaging.
  • A 38” x 30” observation window.
  • Outer shell made of six (6) individual industrial-grade steel panels, which can be visually branded.
  • Two 21.25” x 49.75” backlit billboard-style side panels.
  • Remote admin panel login via internal cell/Wi-Fi connection to monitor product levels.
  • Built-in safety features for both customers and service personnel, certified by QPS to CSA and UL standards.
  • Operates on standard 15-amp (120-volt) wall socket.
  • Battery-powered backup in the event of power failure.
  • Hidden lock for added security.
  • Advanced self-monitoring dispensing system that does not allow overdispensing and accounts for consumer limits.
  • A 42” interactive touch screen.
  • Integration with in-house inventory management system.
  • Enhanced printing system adds date and store code and all county and state requirements to sealed dispensed bag and can be customized to meet unique needs.
  • ID scanner that connects with in-house inventory management system.
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