Digital Evolution in the Marketplace

It’s a skill that requires intuition and that’s where BMC Universal Technologies excels – anticipating the market needs of the future, today.

Through extensive market analysis and design and development, the innovative team at BMC Universal Technologies conceived the BMC Media-Kiosk to fill the ever-growing gap between product, brand experience and the knowledgeable consumers who know what they want.

The BMC Media-Kiosk is a three-in-one vending machine which sells your product, promotes your brand and gathers marketing data on your customers. It provides an interactive buying experience that captures critical consumer data and it flawlessly meets the evolving needs of auto-dispensing systems while considering regulatory requirements. But where the unit differs from everything else on the market is the breakthrough technology it uses, simultaneously and remotely handling product management and fulfillment, while also managing digital advertising and brand needs.

One unit. Two revenue streams. And a progressive blend between auto-dispensing and HD digital advertising.

Introducing the BMC Media-Kiosk:

Payment Options

Programmable to world currencies; payment adaptable via debit card, credit card, rewards cards and cash, coin or bills

Programmable Display

65” display screen on rear side of Kiosk, which is programmable from a remote location

42” Touch Screen

Screen provides customer with full interactive purchase experience; interface is fully wheelchair access compliant

Market Research capabilities

Options to program Kiosk to collect market research data relative to customer preferences

Cross-contamination free

Patented dispensing system using sealed bags ensures that unwrapped bulk product is dispensed contamination and cross-contamination free, providing strict adherence to handling methods and cross-contamination prevention procedures

Printing System

A patented printing system is utilized on each sealed bag that prints the purchased selection information onto the bag prior to dispensing

Dispensing system

Advanced software technology enables system to be self-monitoring

Engages customers

Observation window allows customers to watch product bagging process

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