Let Me Have Your Attention Please

The BMC Media-Kiosk closes the loop on marketing and sales, as a consumer can view your advertisements and make the purchase at the same machine.

The interactive Media-Kiosk offers a superior experience for the brand and the consumer, where the brand is featured and the consumer engages one-on-one with the smart machine. Unlike traditional sales, the consumer experiences the brand through the purchase, not just through the enjoyment of the product. The Media-Kiosk is an unparalleled platform for custom branding and advertising.

The Media-Kiosk allows you to build a brand presence in the public spaces your customers are in; places where brick and mortar locations may not even be possible. You can now engage those consumers in ways never previously available and control how that user experiences and reacts to your product and advertising.

The Media-Kiosk Provides Multiple Advertising Options to Capture the Consumers’ Attention

The Media-Kiosk provides multiple advertising options to capture the consumers’ attention including the 65” 4K Ultra HD rear screen, interactive front touch screen, static side advertisements, custom graphic packaging, and customizable wraps for the Media-Kiosk’s visual exterior.
  • Programmable 65” 4K Ultra HD screen on rear of Kiosk, which can be remotely programed and is independent of the front screen.

  • 42” interactive touch screen, providing consumers with a full interactive experience; interface is fully wheelchair access compliant.

  • Remotely programmable 23” advertising space within the front screen.

  • Two backlit “billboard” style side panels, 21.25”W x 49.75”H, for static advertising.

  • The detachable outer shell is made up of six individual industrial grade steel panels, which can be custom branded.

  • Fully brand the entire front side of the bag with your corporate image or a specific campaign.

Dynamic Customized Advertising

The Media-Kiosk has the capability of changing advertising content based on gender and age of the person interacting with the machine. This is the ultimate in the custom branding experience where the machine can display ads based on different demographics creating a unique experience for each person interacting with the Kiosk.

Customer Loyalty

Encourage repeat sales and customer loyalty with the ability to live print coupons or advertising onto the product bag. Example: “Receive 15% off your next purchase when you bring this bag into…“. This is also a great way to convert a first time sale into a repeat sale by bringing them to your online store.

The Social Media Advantage

The Media-Kiosk can interact with consumers via various forms of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which enables the user to share their experience with friends—a proven driver of brand promotion and product sales.

Direct Marketing

The Media-Kiosk is able to collect email addresses to assist with direct-market campaigns. With customer provided email addresses, you can send marketing messages to your consumers and drive future sales online, in store, or at other Media-Kiosk locations with active coupon codes.


The Media-Kiosk can create an enjoyable experience which will transport the user, your customer, to a place of pure magic!

For just a couple of moments your customer is immersed in your brand and the rest of the world disappears. In the fast-paced world we live in today, it could be argued that this time with your customer’s undivided attention is absolutely priceless.

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