Enhanced Data, Informed Decisions

Unlike tradition retail sales, the BMC Media-Kiosk allows you to not only know what the consumer has chosen, but also their buying patterns.

Without jeopardizing customer privacy, the Media-Kiosk incorporates the latest anonymous technology to better understand the dynamics of your customer, their patterns of purchase, and determine which ads influence them to purchase. These powerful metrics are not available in a traditional sales model of purchasing at a checkout line.

Anonymous Demographic Analysis Technology

Anonymous Demographic Analysis Technology allows you to collect data on the success of your advertisements. Looking at the traditional means of advertising—magazine, TV commercial, radio, billboards—there is no way to verify the number of people your ad has reached and more importantly, engaged. With the Media-Kiosk, you will now be able to verify the demographic, time spent focused on your ad, and their reaction to their viewing experience.
  • Provides metrics on play time of each rear screen ad, allowing you to validate how many times per day an ad was played.
  • Measures the cycle of consumer activity from brand impression (viewing of the ad) through to purchase of the product.
  • Easily accessible reports provide metrics on new and repeat customers, engagement time and peak sales times.
  • The Media-Kiosk allows you to have a better understanding about which products individual demographics prefer and how they differ nationally and regionally—right down to the zip code/postal code.
  • The anonymous technology within the Media-Kiosk can be used in conjunction with other locations such as brick and mortar stores, enabling you to gain further insight into location activity and customer shopping patterns.
  • Personal Identifiable Information is not captured, thereby protecting the individuals’ sensitive personal information from being captured and stored.
  • Know what age or gender is buying which specific products.
  • Know what time of day is the busy time for each demographic.
  • Know which products sell best at which time of day for better targeted ads.
  • Count brand impressions, including those who do not actually purchase at the machine.
  • Determine first time customers or loyal repeat customers.
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