Variety is the Spice of Life

Not all markets or locations warrant a full brick and mortar store. The BMC Media-Kiosk offers a unique direct-to-consumers product distribution model.

The portable Media-Kiosk is an interactive, unmanned retail outlet which installs in a matter of minutes at any location with a standard 15-amp electrical wall socket. Its economy of space makes it ideal for high traffic areas such as malls, movie theaters, arenas, airports, train stations, and other public venues at a fraction of the cost of a brick and mortar store.

A Fraction of the Cost

The Media-Kiosk can run all day, every day; offering exceptional customer convenience without the cost of round-the-clock staffing that a physical store requires.

Save Costs When Trialing New Products

Run trials of new products for consumer reaction ahead of committing to expensive manufacturing runs. The Media-Kiosk can dispense trial and free product when configured as such. For example, once a user creates their custom mix, before dispensing, the Kiosk could display the following for the user: “Please enter your email address to receive a free sample of our new product with your existing order”—allowing you to obtain direct contact to your consumer or they can simply choose, “No Thanks”.

Vary the Offerings

The unique, interchangeable dispensing system of the Media-Kiosk is capable of delivering everything from bulk candy to wrapped products, pet food, trail mix, powdered soups, lipstick—even clothing! Until now, this level of packaging has never been offered outside of a food manufacturing facility.


The Vend Cycle

The experience begins when a customer approaches the Media-Kiosk’s 42” touch screen and makes selections to create their custom mix of your products. The customer no longer has to choose just one color/flavor/type of product per purchase! Using the touch screen, the customer also has the option to edit their order or view ingredients of products before they order, which allows them to accommodate for allergies and/or preferences.

Once the user is happy with their mix, they will be prompted to pay for their order. The Kiosk accepts all forms of payment: bills, coins, debit, credit, tap-and-go, Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay®, Android Pay® and loyalty cards.

After payment has been completed, the vend cycle begins by picking up a bag and live printing the ingredients and nutritional information of only the products they selected on the bag.

Next the bag moves down the line toward the bins, first stopping at the bag opening station where the Media-Kiosk opens the bag. The Kiosk constantly monitors the shape of the open bag during the vend cycle to ensure it remains the perfect shape for vending. Should the bag not remain open in the perfect vending shape, the machine will either attempt to reopen the bag or the bag will be discarded and a new vend cycle will commence.

Once the bag is open, it continues to move down the line under each bin of product the user selected for their custom mix, dispensing it into the waiting bag. As there are no shared dispensing pathways, there is a significantly reduced risk of cross contamination with other products. This is attributed to the patented dispensing system using a bag taken to each individual dispensing head.

Their experience is complete when the bag moves back toward the exit chute, pausing to be sealed air-tight, prior to being dropped down the chute located just beneath the touch screen. This allows the engaged consumer to conveniently place their personalized sealed bag into their laptop bag, carry-on, purse, etc. without risk of spilling their freshly created mix. Their enthusiastic branded purchase experience is sure to be shared with others.

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