Easily Accessible

The BMC Media-Kiosk is connected remotely to allow the flexibility and convenience of monitoring your Media-Kiosks from anywhere in the world, giving you full transparency.

Each Media-Kiosk is connected to your central hive which allows you to remotely manage specific aspects of your Media-Kiosks. You can program your preferences to receive email or text notifications when products are running low or when there are technical concerns. You also have the ability to retrieve your sales data remotely at any time.

The BMC Web Portal is the online portion of the Media-Kiosk. Through this secure website, you can access your entire network of machines.

The Web Portal is Broken into Multiple Sections

    The most convenient part of the advertising is that the digital content on the machine can be 100% controlled remotely. Uploading advertisements and scheduling campaigns can be done to one or all units on your Media-Kiosk network.

    The BMC Web Portal can be utilized to gather the analytic and demographic reporting, allowing you to remotely make real-time marketing decisions and edit your marketing campaigns accordingly.

    The vendible product information can be accessed from the BMC Web Portal. If you want to upload a new product to your network of Media-Kiosks, change product ingredients, images or pricing, this can all be done remotely through the Portal.

    The BMC Web Portal gives you full access to your networked Media-Kiosks to stay informed. You will see product levels of your bins, air temperature inside the machines, machine connectivity reports, and service personnel log in history.

    Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports can be generated. These reports can be broken down by individual vendible product, individual Media-Kiosk, sales by geographic region or your entire network. Reports are available in Excel, PDF or CSV formats to be utilized for business planning, accounting or year-end tax purposes.

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